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Our Promise

Thoughtful and Responsible Fashion
Our journey with the world started when the problem became more relatable. We realized how much our world is being hurt, by the effects of fashion and lack of love and care in the industry. Care for the clothes we wear and also for the people who make our clothes, and not only this, our industry is also the 4th largest polluting industry in the world. This called for a change, and we wanted to be a part of it.

At Sui we believe that little steps can truly help make a difference.

We need to learn to love ourselves, our people and our world just a little more and yes, this needs to be done together.

Because at every step we are all connected.


1. Ethical Production in the heart of New Delhi, our masters, karigars and production staff is our family and has been with our parent brand for years and years. We call ourselves the label of love, and this is trickled down to every bit of our supply chain.

2. Hemp, GOTS certified cotton and other sustainable fabric blends sourced from close networks, which just like us are working to make small differences for a green world.

3. We use recycled packaging as much as possible, and also keep finding ways to up cycle all our fabric scraps to give them a new life. Plastic – free is our aim, and we are slowly working towards it.

4. Following a slow fashion model, which not only reduces the risk of over production but also helps us give our customer the best quality.


The super fiber and our star fabric

Hemp is often considered a super fiber, not only does it love nature, it is also durable and gets softer with every wash. It also doesn’t require pesticides to be produced making it a healthy piece of clothing to own. Hemp is also antibacterial! By buying hemp, you have not only get yourself a piece of clothing you’ll love for a long time, but you also reduce your carbon footprint by a massive amount.

Organic Cotton

The alternative

Organic cotton is pesticide free and produced by loving planet earth. It is soft, durable and great for the skin and the environment.